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Hi, automatic codes don’t combine or stack with the other types of discounts including codes. Moreover, while they’ll tell  you that customers can now enter more than one discount code, there are a bunch of “ifs”— some dependent on the discount type ...
Same thing is happening to me--with this link constantly opening in a new tab:
I just discovered this today. I spent an incredible amount of time testing and re-resting a discount I wanted to restrict to a customer segment to only find out the discount first applies and then validates and takes it away if the customer doesn't m...
I completely agree. I’ve also been advised against having “too many apps” that may slow down my site speed, but 80% of those I have installed are backend/admin only or Shopify apps. I try to be really careful to only install what’s “necessary”, but s...
When selecting an image using Shopify's Email app, there is currently no way to search or filter images already uploaded in the content file library. Since the default in the Email app orders images by descending date (older images are at the "bottom...
We have the same problem, we need like 180. 128 is such an arbitrary number. . . I think there is a way for an experienced dev to create a new metafield with a predefined validation option limit that is higher.
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