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Hi Theodore,Thanks for your reply. I'm not seeing theme.scss.liquid in the assets menu.
Hello, I have been attempting to import several WOFF2 font files to use in my Studio theme page. I have added these font files to the assets directory, and added this to the base.css But when I go to theme settings>typography and search for this font...
Hello Holly,Yes I have had a ticket open for two weeks so all of these questions have been asked and answered MULTIPLE times with still no solution or resolve. Yes, my bank account is a business checking account at Bank of America and is able to acce...
I have been attempting to input my bank account info into Shopify for three weeks so that they can payout all the revenue I've earned, and yet every time I enter it I receive this error message: "Unable to update your account at this time. Please try...
When I first set up my Shopify account I went to enter my account and routing numbers from my check and received an error message that I couldn’t add these numbers. So I tried my wire transfer routing number instead, which the Shopify site accepted. ...
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