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Dear all, I've got a problem on our website with the variant switcher.The website is currently using a customized Dawn-theme, but when on a product page the variant picker is not working. The variants are all shown, but it does not load the page. Whe...
Hi! Yes, for sure! Thank you in advance!
Hi all, I was wondering if there is a possibility to show all categories in the webshop, instead of the last 4 categories which are placed under More Categories. Please see the file attached. Can anyone help me?Thanks in advance!  Regards,Marcel
Hello Dan,That didn't work either...
@websensepro Unfortunately, that didn't help.Thank you anyway!
Dear community, I would like to remove the "Description"-line from the product pages.Does anyone have a solution for this? Thank you in advance!   
Goedemorgen, Ik zou graag op de productpagina's deze kop met "Description" weg willen hebben.Heeft iemand hiervoor een oplossing? Alvast bedankt!
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