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Thanks for your reply.I guess I’m a little confused because every option I listed is shown by Shopify in their marketing automations list. It just doesn’t work.
I would like to create some marketing automations for my shopify site (www.cloverlandhome).  I'm on the desktop version and I have tested a few, but they are all coming back with an "unable to create automation". Tried with the same results to edit o...
**Update: I gave up and hired a freelancer. LOL** Hello,  I am NOT a developer, just a DIY person. I was trying to edit code to change some custom fonts. Now, when I try to go to "edit code", the page says that there is a technical problem and cannot...
I would like the width to not take up the whole screen so that the text goes onto two lines. How do I do that?  And thank you! How do I change the hyperlink color?
Thank you!! That 100% worked! Just two follow up questions, as they are related.1) Is there a way to alter the text max width as well? And 2) if I have a hyperlink for one of the subheadings, is there a way to change the color?
Hello-  I am using Spark theme (version 2.10.0).  The slideshow headings and subheadings look huge on mobile device. The size option available only alters desktop view. There is no option to resize for mobile. Thoughts? Link:Cloverland Home - Candles...
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