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Is there a SIMPLE way (not involding coding) to set up a different order confirmation email for each product? My products are all different and require different information to go out to customers (like event addresses, instructions on how to log in ...
Thank you so much for sharing that! Alas, I have almost zero knowledge of the back end. Where would I replace all these instances, exactly, do you know? 
That really sounds like something more systemic; my issue started yesterday as well. All of the pictures added before yesterday were and are still fine. Hmmm.....
Yes. And in fact, I just edited the picture from a product added over a year ago whosle old image was showing on the purchase page, but whose new image is now "No Image". The iamges are all showing on the product page, but not on the purchase page. 
It is active - all those things are ticked, and it wsa already active. I forgot to tick the "digital product" box, which has been resolved, but the image is still not showing on the purchase page.
I double checked everything - I had accidentally set it as a physical product (which it is not). That has been fixed, but the image is still not showing up on the purchase page.
Oh, of course! Sorry about that!
I just added a new product, and while the product image is showing up on the product description pages, when I click on the product to purchase, is simply shows "No Image". I tried adding the relevant picture as an asset; I edited the liquid theme co...
Where do I find this box to uncheck? 
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