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I have the same problem. Still no solution for this?
Hi! I'm not sure where to edit the code <ul class="main-menu"> <li class="menu-item"> <i class="menu-icon fas fa-home"></i> <a href="/">Home</a> </li> <li class="menu-item"> <i class="menu-icon fas fa-user"></i> <a href="/accoun...
Hi! I would like to add an icon before each menu item. Not in the dropdown, just the main categories of navigation.My theme is Sense version 13.0.1https://naturalhellenia.com/ Thank you!
Hi! Thank you for your answers!I actually fixed it by creating a new template JSON file, named it the same and copied the code from an older version of my theme.
Hi! I accidentally deleted the footer-group.json file!I don't know how to restore it or make an new one?My theme is Sense version 13.0.1 Please help!! Thank you
Hi! Could you write the solution here? Maybe it will be useful for other people! Thank you 
Hello! How can i change the text of the Log in page on Sense theme version 11.0.0? Thank you!
I did i just don't know how to do everything on the list.And it's Shopify's default emails so that's why i'm asking here!
I don't understand what you mean!
Hi! My customers told me that the Confirmation Emails after they made a purchase went to spam folder.How can i fix this? Thank you
Hi! I would like to give to the customers the option of invoice instead of receipt (in case they are company) so i would like to add some more fields on the checkout page such as: VAT numberCan this be done? Thank you 
Hi, Thank you for the reply!OK i did that but now it covers the search icon:naturalhellenia.compassword: stifau Can this be fixed through css? Also if i update the theme will these changes be lost? Thank you 
Hi, Yes it's naturalhellenia.com
Hello! How can i add the word "MENU" next to the menu burger icon? I need it for desktop drawer menu. Thank you!
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