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Hi @SAJIDMASOOD ,In shopify.js file you will find entry forsessionStorage which will be pointing to SQLLite by default.  Change that top post gres or your preferred storage.Refer: <Check file>
Try using INTENTLY   It provides features like THANK YOU INTENT related discounts and WELCOME discounts which can help in increasing repeat sales and customer loyalty. 
@Jaded-republic we know discounting is tricky and can be extremely complex (plus time consuming). What you are looking for is WELCOME INTENT related discounting. Its helpful in converting visitors to customers   We have tried to make it simpler and ...
Discounting is tricky and we totally understand that. INTENTLY  is our attempt to make it simple and smarted.  We would be super happy if you try the same and share your valuable feedback with us. If any features are missing, we would ship them at ro...
@Nic15 : Try using INTENTLY It will help in solving discount management related tasks for you. We would even be happy to add missing features as per your need based on your feedback.PS: we are looking for early customers to try and use our app so tha...
@Tapthatash1234 :  Try using INTENTLY It does the same automatically using welcome discounts feature along with several other features
Try offering discounts and welcome offers. You can try using INTENTLY  (its free).This way you would get better insights about the right price for your product and services.  Also, try and install other apps which are free and make the customer exper...
Can you ask shopify reviewer to give you staff access to their test store so that you can replicate this issue and fix the same. I have seen them do this which is super helpful in debugging such issues.Hope this helps  
check if response is paginatedYou can confirm by checking nexturl header in response of API This link will help: Link 
Hi,   Go through Link . Steps are mentioned in link itself.Shopify has made it mandatory to fill this AFAIK To request access:From the Partner Dashboard, go to Apps, and then select your app.In the sidebar, click App setup.Find Protected customer dat...
Hi, There are 3 options AFAIK:-For starters you can set up an email automation form which gets sent to customer post purchase is made on store. In order to drive more conversions, you can also offer a small discount for next order to customers who fi...
Not sure if I understand correctly  but, have you tried using app blocks/ app embed blocks for thank you page in this case.  app blocks  Hope this helps 
Hey, You can simple use slack api for triggering the event which will call a slack API and post message on slack channel.Whenever the condition is met, just call the respective slack api for the channel and message and message will be posted in your ...
You can schedule a AWS Lambda function for the same to run this at a particular time.Other options could be setting a cron schedule in cron tab of your server in cloud platform. 
Webhooks signature needs app secrets for verification.  Refer Link 
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