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Hi! We are trying to change the color of the sale badge on the product page from light grey to black (with white text). Does anyone know how to do this? It shows up black on the collection/home pages, but not on the product page. Our store is kennasa...
I'm trying to left align the "Quick Links" and "About Us" titles in the footer of my page so it is lined up with the things underneath it (see attached). Is this possible? Store URL is - thanks!
Thanks for the info! When I try these options it centers them but not everything is aligned correctly - instead, is there a way I can align the "Quick Links" and "About Us" to the left? 
Yes the website is - thank you!
I'm trying to center these quick links in the footer (Dawn theme) so they are centered under the Quick Links title - does anyone know how to do that? I managed to get the other parts of the footer adjusted and centered but not these for some reason. ...
Hello, I'm trying to add a custom button under my featured collection, I want it to say "All Products" and it needs to link to my "All Products" collection, is there a way to do that? (Dawn theme) My store is Thanks!  
That worked perfectly, thanks so much!
Hi, I am trying to remove the slideshow controls/counter for mobile ONLY, not for desktop (dawn theme). Is this possible? 
Does anybody know how to make the featured image show first on the product page instead of the first variant?
Does anybody have any other ways they know of that might work?
I'm not seeing the product-grid-item.liquid file anywhere, and I tried adding the code to the main-collection-product-grid.liquid but that didn't work.
I'm using Dawn theme, and I have an image slideshow at the top of my page. It looks great on desktop, but on mobile there is way too much white space, you can't even see that there are products underneath. Is there a way to reduce the size of the whi...
That worked great thanks! And do you know how to change the first preview image to the main image instead of the first linked variant image?
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