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Hi. I am trying to make a splash screen that opens up and it has 2 images acting as links, maybe with buttons, to go to either collections. It is 2 distinct products. ive seen some folks share a code for it, i tried to copy/paste it, but i guess it d...
i found a courier (chitchats) that uses USPS. The price is almost the same and the headache is ... zero now  
hi. i see you made it work. how did you do it? I am looking for something similar but with 2 different products.
Hello.I live close to the border and the the option to simply drive across and use USPS is much easier and cheaper. As in a third cheaper and 3 times faster.So far the volume is... lets just say very low   Are there any potential legal issues with i...
oh my god. i got it figured out just a couple minutes ago.i was using a 90% discount code when asking folks to help me test the sales/shipping part and... the 90% off made the purchase amount small enough so the banks flagged it as fraud. got a frien...
hi. im still having issues. i just had a friend try with a real proper CC from Hawaii and it still declines it. earlier i had someone else try from Arizona and declined it as well.  there are no messages other than 'card declined'. what am i still mi...
Hello. I just had a bit of a kerfuffle with paypal because i think my customer was not able to use a prepaid debit/credit card due to currency conversion issues. My product is priced in CAD and he is in Texas using a USD pre paid debit or credit card...
It seems paypal are being ... dangly appendages to anything that might be remotely pew related.  I took them off as payment provider.
I made a first "sale'. It was asking someone in Texas to help me with beta testing my store and payment/shipping methods. As a thank you I made a heavily discounted code. Now i got an email from paypal saying im SOL.From a quick search it seems they ...
Hi. The "store" is in Canada but in the border region. So far the plan was to do my weekly fuel up cross border trip and drop the packages off at the local USPS office. Hence the "weekly drop off". It seems more economical and I figured people are no...
Ahhh. I see. Thank you! Im doing a trial with someone in Texas and as a way to thank that customer with helping me test the website and shipping i made a 90% discount code so that put the unit price below the 25 minimum. 
It says all of the states are checked off.Going to check with the buyer what he used for the gateway. I am assuming just the regular CC check out.
Hello.This is my first ... experience. I have someone in Texas help me test the shipping and payment and there is an issue. He is using a pre-paid debit card and trying to make a purchase. Keeps getting that error message that it cannot be shipped to...
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