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No.Check this - But it is only for full-page apps. I tried it; it works in development, but not on the production server.For liquid better use client-only app.
 export const loader = async ({ request }: LoaderFunctionArgs) => { const url = new URL(request.url); throw redirect(`/app?${url.searchParams.toString()}`); };  You have an example in the index.tsx file. You need to add query parameters. Everythi...
You try to use frontend feature in backend. Instead of this you must use it in frontend. const [ app, setApp ] = useState<ClientApplication | null>(null);useEffect(() => { const appObject = createApp({ apiKey: shopify.config.apiKey, host: shop...
No, for our goals was added checkout method. useApplyShippingAddressChange()
There is a problem with Remix app template try to create custom app for my personal goals where I need 2 public pages.I use 2 type of public pages;liquid - theme embed apphtml page - without the...
Admin API has access only for own subscribes. Through Admin API you cant to fetch all subscription of user only subscription that created through this app.That's why scope named like: read_own_subscription_contracts You can use Customer Account API t...
Do you have an answer? I try to use mutation checkoutShippingAddressUpdateV2($checkoutId: ID!, $shippingAddress: MailingAddressInput!)inside the checkout UI extension to change the shipping address. But I can't do it without checkoutID
Hi, I try to use GraphQL with metaobjects and see your solution. But it doesn't work for me, I always get 'null' in references, what I did wrong?
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