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Thank you Makkaomakka.  For some reason, what'sapp is not authenticating on my phone/devices. (I'm getting a "can't send SMS" error)?  In fact our policies are custom written and in the policies section as you have indicated.  Perhaps my problem is t...
Hi Makkaomakka,I see that I need to update the checkout.liquid file with the correct policy page links.  I'm not 100% sure of your question (ie what links you're asking for) as I'm not looking to update a policy page.    Make sense?   Sorry for slow ...
Hello, Background: My store and products are custom made and we have very specific and detailed policies.  Our policies for order cancellation (Refunds), Shipping, Privacy and Terms are well documented and loaded into the Policies section of Admin se...
Revisited the ZD documentation.  The answer is add ZD widget snippet anytime before the clsoing html </body> in theme.liquid.  Answer = yes, add after the GA4 TagManager snippet.
Hi All, I've realized that the GA4 TagManager snippet took the place of the Zendesk (Classic) Web Widget in theme.liquid.  Which goes first?  Can I simply add the ZD web widget snippet AFTER the GA4 snippet?   Thanks in advance.r   
Hi Josh,FYI.  I loved your digitaldarts info on GA4.   "Bespoke" may not have been the term I should have used.  Exclusive may be a better term.  We trade on exclusivity, not broad channels.  It's not about the "insufficiency" of certain channels, it...
Hi Josh,Thank you. I did setup through tag manager. ; Dr
Hello,My Zendesk widget suddenly disappeared.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Using Impulse theme. Thanks for any thoughts.r 
Hi All, I did not connect Google / You Tube as sales channels to our site as our business is bespoke and lives on exclusivity.  (Broadcasting product is not an objective.) I followed both Shopify and Google's guidance and entered our GA4 snippet into...
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