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hello, I am trying to achieve the same results. I tried doing it with functions but got no success. I will try and use webhooks to see if I can change the cart on checkouts. For example if a discount webhook is created it will trigger the update. I h...
I think it will be fixed eventually but for the time being I am using the work around I saw on the Github post ``. Thanks a lot for that link it saved me!! 
yes, I checked and it is using the same theme as the current live one. I also changed stores and it is using the live theme as well. 
I have been struggling with this all morning, I will have to use another computer and haveing to setup my entire work environment wil be a pain. Hope we can find a solution for this. 
I run shopify theme dev and it does not render any changes to the local theme. When I open the theme editor or the live preview link for that theme I can see all the changes, settings etc. Just the local host that is not working properly for me. I al...
I am trying to integrate a github theme for multiple stores. I am using a workflow to deploy changes to all the  themes each store is linked to a branh. I am ruinning into the issue that whenever I modify the template on my main branch it overwrites ...
have you found a solution for this?
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