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I'm right there with you, Anthan.  For us, I'd also like it to NOT require Shopify Plus.
What I want is for only Active products (or at least a CHOICE) to be available from the admin side, "Create Order".  We have a ton of achived and draft products that were imported from a previous version of our store.  We need to keep them around for...
Does anyone who reads this have any understanding of why this limitation was placed?  I'd just like to know if this is an oversight or a specific decision to address a specific use-case that could cause trouble?  And if so, please articulate the use-...
It's weird.  So far, I can't find the page that actually calls the section, however, the section that can be changed is here: In the sections area, main-gift-card.liquid Change the line: <img class="gift-card__image" src="{{ 'gift-card/card.jpg' | sh...
It doesn't seem like a small bug.  They have written code specifically to give feedback stating it's not allowed.  WHY this is, is another question.
Count us in for the same thing.  +1
In the interest of passing on continued learning, I found a far more elegant way to do the zero-fill.  My lack of liquid experience was showing!  Thanks to @mattxwang for the suggestion back in 2019. Instead of the 8 lines, we can wheedle it down to ...
I think if you could all the numerics having the same amount of digits, you'd be fine.  So, if you can add in a "0" in front of each of the number parts of the module names, you'd be golden: module-hfov-68 becomes module-hfov-068module-hfov-69 become...
Thanks!  That works.
My apologies.  I meant using liquid--I know I could do it using javascript.  Just looking for a cleaner approach.  I have updated the title.
I feel embarrassed by asking this question but I can't seem to find a string filter that will convert to a float/decimal number.  I know the to_i does a nice conversion to int--but I tried to_f, float, decimal, etc. with no luck.  I've googled my bra...
I could have sworn I had done a strip filter on both, but I must have done it somehow differently.  Your suggestion that the showing them in HTML wasn't as valid a test as I thought was indeed the key.  I did a strip filter on both right before the c...
I have what seems to be a straightforward if statement that SHOULD be working.  I'm throwing in debug code and it still looks like it should work -- but isn't! We're using a modified blog as a place for our external reviews (reviews we enter ourselve...
In contemporary coding, a "gid" is a uniquely generated identifier for data.What is a GID?In this context, it is returned from a product object as a unique identifier for that product. My original goal was to assemble an array of objects based on som...
Ya know, it seems silly that one would need our store URL to answer this theoretical question but it also seems to be the first question anyone asks.  What's up with that?
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