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Very excited about the upcoming changes.One of my most common tasks is to update variant stock at locations, prices (including secondary markets) and metafields.The mutation `productVariantsBulkUpdate` can only take one product at a time so it needs ...
Hi. Is there a way to access a product image metafield from the storefront api and liquid?I defined it with [storefront] => PUBLIC_READ access, but I can't find any query to access it.  The image object in the back end include metafields, but not the...
My function needs different variant metafields depending on the market selected.  According to the specs the query can't grab multiple metafields in a namespace, because the key is required.(In a regular query, you can ask for the first x metafields ...
I'm using the REST API PUT to change the image assigned to a product variant.I receive the expected response, and the change happens. When refreshing the storefront page the new image is shown when selecting the variant. But if I later call an API GE...
When I'm logged into the admin as store owner and open the storefront in the same browser, I get an admin bar at the bottom with some useful links: Edit Product, Edit Collection, Market pricing details (if a secondary market is selected ).My staff al...
No. The info you get in the original call is limited. If you need product details you must query the api on the spot or keep your own database somewhere else.
I setup an alias domain, which seems to be working fine.The checkout page shows at the aliased url, but the store name shows the default name and its link point to the primary domain.Is there a way to modify those when using a domain alias?(My accoun...
That's a bummer, but at least we have an answer. Thanks!
According to the API specs, it would be possible to assign metafields to images, but the admin page for creating metafields doesn't list images.I haven't found any editable attribute for images besides Alt Text within the whole Admin interface. Is th...
Not sure if it's better to start spinning different profiles, or to query the api to find out the ship location with my own logic. Will investigate. You have given me a lot to think about. Thanks!
Yes, it's too messy, and the value passes through the client computer, even if hidden. From my limited testing with the carrier service, the query always includes the main store address as ship-from, even if the item is only stored at another locatio...
Oh... this refers to CART (line item) properties, not PRODUCT properties. Now I get it, somewhat.From what I gather, to load a product metafield into a cart property I'd have to add an input into the product from by editing the theme liquid template?
I'm starting to test my own carrier service for calculating shipping rates.The request includes SOME details of the products in the cart, but it would be nice to have more.There is a 'properties' entry that shows up empty. Would it be possible to inc...
I want to keep track of the last price and inventory update date for each product/variant. Is that stored in a standard location I can query with an API? Or must assign metafields for those?
@wcolton48 tried editing the json file manually offline?
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