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I've sent you a private message in case you want me to lend you a hand with your website. By the way, mark my previous answer as the solution if it helped you out!
Add this code below width: 50% !important; margin: 0 auto !important;  
The zoom you're seeing and experiencing in this section is due to the specific resolutions of the original video. In your case, the width of the video is much greater than its height (as is typical), which is why on mobile devices, if you want to inc...
Within a file named cart-drawer.liquid or something similar, you'll find an HTML code line resembling this: Remove the following: href="#" The code should look like this:<a id="icon-cart-close">By making this change in the code, you'll be preventing ...
Remove this code responsible for adjusting the width of this section for certain screen resolutions. This will keep the images in three columns, preventing a line break. This code is in your base.css file, line 1109..grid--2-col-tablet-down .grid__it...
Add this code in your base.css file:@media (max-width: 899px) { .color-inverse.gradient { overflow-x: hidden; } .section-sections--16350539579573__custom_liquid_CqF8TH-padding video { width: 200% !important; } }Result:  
 Add this code in your base.css file:@media (max-width: 899px) { .section-template--16350539251893__custom_liquid_8VjdiT-padding img { overflow-x: hidden; width: 100% !important; } } Result:  
It should work perfectly... Sorry for the inconvenience...Try wrapping it in <style> tags and adding it to the theme.liquid file within the body.<style> .fullScreenSlider { height: auto !important; } /* Mobile Code */ @media (max-width: 599px) { ...
The following code allows displaying a preview image before the video starts playing. This is particularly useful on mobile devices as it prevents the video from showing a blank screen when paused. Don't forget to add the URL of your cover image with...
Sure thing! If I manage to solve it in the next few days, I'll let you know.
I'm glad it worked for you! As for your two questions, the first one is more complex than I initially thought. It would require adjusting many classes and HTML containers, as otherwise, the code from the previous solution would cease to function prop...
Don't worry! Honestly, it's strange that the code isn't working in your current theme. Let's do this: add the following code to your base.css, theme.css, or stylescss.scss.css file:.fullScreenSlider { height: auto !important; } /* Mobile Code */ @...
The provided code will work on your current live theme. If your draft theme has a different structure, the HTML container classes may not match the classes edited in the previous code. There are two options: either set your draft theme as active or g...
Perfect! Thanks for the clarification. From what I can see in your code, there's a document called animation.css responsible for adding animations to all your sections. To avoid animations on your homepage and Contact page, you'll need to add the fol...
Are you using any external library to add animations, such as: ? Are these animations part of the theme itself or are they added by some application?
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