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In your custom.css file change the transition duration:(code line number: 1287).hidden-img:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity .15s ease-in-out 0s; }.15s --> .4s
Add this code in your base.css file:ul#Slider-template--16107583537391__featured_collection_EG6U6r { margin-top: 0px !important; }Result: 
Finally, I have managed to render the values (the content) of the entries (the fields) of a metaobject that is assigned in the metafield of a product.Here is the code I created: {% assign license = product.metafields.custom.tipo_de_licencia %} {% if ...
As this is a recent functionality of Shopify, there is little documentation available on the subject...Could someone help me to render these values? <p>License Name: {{ terminos_contractuales.nombre_de_la_licencia }}</p> <p>Contract Clauses: {{ term...
How to render the value of a meta-object entry (e.g. text) that is embedded within a product metafield? Setting up the meta object with its inputs:     Setting the meta object as a value in a meta field:  Example. Product page: Code:  {% assign produ...
At the time of responding to you, I forgot to add "color" to the background, so I decided to edit my response. I'm not sure if you saw the updated code (background-color) - have you tried that code and it didn't work?
Add this code in your base.css file: .paypal-button.paypal-button-color-gold, .paypal-button-row.paypal-button-color-gold .menu-button { background-color: #fff5dd !important; } Change the color to whichever you want! Result:   
 Updated code for all sections of the home page:@media (max-width: 639px) { #products--template--22463764332860__featured_collection_dAHpcN.slider .grid-item, #products--template--22463764332860__featured_collection_zf6QED.slider .grid-item, #produ...
Add this code in your otsb-style.css file:@media (max-width: 639px) { #products--template--22463764332860__featured_collection_dAHpcN.slider .grid-item { width: calc(36% + 1rem) !important; } }Result (two and a half):  
You can try adding this more specific code within your theme.liquid file.You can add the CSS within the <head> section and the JavaScript before the closing </body> tag to ensure that all the page content has loaded before the script runs.CSS <sty...
Add !important<style> img { pointer-events: none !important; } </style> 
Add this code in your base.css { border-top: 1px solid #00000036; }Result:
The blank space is generated by the footer, which is currently empty.To resolve this issue, we hide the footer on the home page. Add the following code to your theme.liquid file:{% if template == 'index' %} <style> div#shopify-section-footer { ...
In this publication, everything is explained in detail using fragments that can then be rendered wherever you want, even within the code of a .liquid section.Re: How do I add a Table to the Rich Text Section of the Theme editor? - Shopify Community
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