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Hey @nethanoliver , The Med Spa link is damaged, could you double check to correct it, we would like to review the good example that your give. Many thinks.
Don't lost in the ocean of developing technology, you need focus on your target ( Product or Projects ),  getting close your target roadmap is your roadmap.
In my previous reply already includes some useful resources Anyway, the Shopify App dev docs include all you needs. Good luck.
Yes, you can find a Shopify expert to code it.
You can try to play the default theme (Dawn) product page, it's already has this layout.
Hi, buddy. It's caused by network, please refer to this ticket to fix it.
Which theme do you used ?  In Dawn (default theme) , there is a "Collapsible Row" block can be used in product template page. 
Hi buddy,  it seems you need app extension , in app extension you can include .js file in blocks liquid file schema section. For get product info, you can setup the app proxy , then you can make http request start from the extension js file to get it...
Sorry, guys. This issue seems caused by our network firewall from 2024-01-04.we fixed it by http_proxy or https_proxy terminal command. Hope it help other domestic bro.
Hi @Liam , I have same type of issue like this, my project (base on remix template) working good before, but now when after run "npm run dev" then click the generated app preview URL,  the remix server console output "FetchError: request to https://h...
App bridge lib just help third-party app work with Shopify Admin, if you app no need to show ( or call it embed ) in Shopify admin pages, then it's no need to include the Shopify App Bridge. At the same time, you need make sure your app type is non-e...
Same situation, already just have one extension(simple, and folder size just only 40KB), when create secondary extension then the option that "Create Theme extension" is disable.
Good solution,  but I read the theme app extension document, there are some file and content size limits: But for react V18.2.0, React(...
Hi @Danh11 , I have same problem as you, did you get a better solution now ? many thanks.
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