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Bio: 10+ years of experience working with Shopify POS. From being a merchant myself to launching hundreds of merchants on the platform. I bring a wealth of...

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Hey Paul, One solution I have used for this in the past doing a full Shopify setup for both the POS and the Online store is to create a customer for Mr.Bar and then sell bottles at a %100 discount to that customer to keep track of bottles moving from...
Hey Alex1242, I have good news the reason you are having a hard time finding if transaction fees will be charged on the POS sales processed via an external gateway is there wont be any. There will be fees charged if you are using Shopify POS but as y...
Hey Kat_Jette, The Wisepad reader (here) works on Android via bluetooth. 
This is a cool product, but will it work on the POS as that requires the barcode number to pull into the POS cart? 
Hey CodeCrafter, I am to believe that was just a demo site and not a full production of the POS for customer use. I don't know of any plans to bring the POS out as a web app but we are getting closer to Apple and Android devices running at the comput...
Hey Thepantryhaven, There is some middleware that can connect other platforms to Shopify. What POS are you currently using? Have you looked into Shopify POS at all?
Hey Fencetalk, You could look at an app like Square Sync (here) that will link up the inventories between the two platforms. It doesn't bring in the orders into Shopify. You could also look at moving to Shopify for POS as that would truly bring it al...
Hey Restaurantowner, Ohh this is tough - one option would be to move the order to an unpaid order and then you can print a receipt. This is a good option if you are like 99% sure they will pay the amount. On the chance a change needs to be made emplo...
Hey TrueNosh, That is an extremely strange error - I almost think it might be an internet speed/ connectivity issue. Can you run a speed test (here) and let me know what kind of result you get. Hearing that its a recent issue have you changed anythin...
Hey WildHeart137, It sounds like you already have your products over into Shopify via Square Sync. You can upload your customers to Shopify using a CSV upload some info on that is (here). In terms of the vendors are the vendors from Square not being ...
Hey SummerSun, The card readers are a 1:1 relationship with the iPad and I would not recommend switching them between two iPads as it can cause misconnection issues. You are good to use the POS Lite and run a pretty simple set up but you will want ea...
Hey FancyThings Shopify Payments won't work if the gateway is in test mode so that could be throwing things off. Are you able to test with a cash payment? Let me know some more details and I can try to help you out here! -iain
Hey Oker, You will need to get in touch with Shopify Support to get your Merchant ID number you can log in and make the request from the support portal (here)
Hey VNT, There were some changes announced to the Shopify plans early this year's blog post (here). The changes took effect April 23rd so I assume that is why you are seeing the change on this current invoice. 
Hey JimBottle123 Ya be very wary on these kinds of theme sites. To be included in the Shopify theme store developers agree to keep themes up to date and action changes needed. This site most likely are selling theme downloads but it will be hard to g...
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