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Hello, did you receive any solution from this?
Thanks Dirk, unfortunately it is specific to my account and still unable to resolve and I have already raised to Shopify support team as well. 
Hello Dirk, I have sent you a private message. Thanks. 
Hello Theodor,Thanks for your guidance. I have tried and it doesn't work. Kind regards,Michelle Thank you. 
And also my logo is not the most updated. Are you able to go in and help me? 
Hello @BSSCommerce-HDL ,Thanks for sharing. However it doesn't work and the image is still there. 
Hello Phil, I would like to know more on how you can help in SEO. On the other hand, I need some help for gift card notification coding. I noticed my logo is not the latest updated version and also the image, I would like to replace with a new one. I...
Hello!I need some help. While I was preparing a gift card to send to a customer, I noticed my Logo is not updated to the latest and I would like to replace my current image I have input previously. Appreciate if anyone can help to look into my coding...
Hello!I am looking for some help to create SEO for my website with keywords. Appreciate if anyone can share the steps or willing to help. Thanks.  Michelle 
My sincere thanks and appreciation for @webwondersco for helping with resolving the menu and gift card issue I am facing. Very professional and very helpful. 
Hello @webwondersco !You are remarkable! It works so perfectly! Thank you so much! If it is not too much to ask, can I also enquire on gift card? I have added a new asset "Gift_Card.png". However, I am unable to add the image to the gift card. I woul...
Hello @manuelzambrano8 ,  Thanks for initiating to help. I have reverted back to the original version which is now working. At the moment, I would need some help with regards to the mobile interface. As you can see, the drop down menu turns black whe...
Hello @webwondersco ,  Thanks for the quick response! I am well, thank you! My store URL is Cheers!  
Hello, I am experiencing issues on the mobile interface. As per the image below, when i select "All Clothings", the menu turned blacked. I appreciate some help here to resolve this. I did not want to upgrade as I did multiple codings. Thanks in advan...
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