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That will be the 30 cents transaction base fee + the percentage that they charge on top of that. The 30 cents really cut deep for low value orders.
Shopify's Speed Score is the most useless piece of information ever invented. It constantly averages our store at 50-60, even though all three pages tested rank 85-99 on google lighthouse / Pagespeed test when checked manually. How 3x85/3 makes 50 is...
I'm not an expert in this but you could try to force overflow/prevent line breaks with white-space: nowrap; Make sure to target the right element.
Hi there! Are you familiar with the CSS section in the Theme Editor? Try adding this code into the CSS section of your Navigation Bar:.mega-dropdown {            max-width: fit-content;            left: auto !important;} .grid {            display: i...
Hi there, we're using a custom theme that is based on Shopify's Dawn Theme.We want to display different page banners, depending on the device used (Desktop/Mobile).The section in question is the "Image Banner", which comes with two toggles "Show cont...
What if they move? What if a new customer moves into their old address? Then you'd have to match name and address. Customers who want to play this game will find a way, changing names etc (this would work at least in Australia where parcels are addre...
Did you find a solution?I have a request from a customer to delete all their personal data from my shop, which I would like to comply with, but I am unable to!
Shopify still makes ridiculous URLs.I just discovered, when using one product as a template for another (Bath Salt A for Bath Salt B) the URL of Bath Salt B is "copy-of-bath-salt-A". Seriously? 
While this is unfair from Shopify, the only option to protect you from such charges is to include them in your Refund and Return Policy. You won't have any other option than to charge it back to your customer.
Thank you Paul!We're not against using apps in general, more concerned about the fact that all these apps want access to customer and shop data, with some of these web developers being overseas and outside the jurisdictions in which we operate.
Where does this have to be implemented? I can't see any CSP headers in our shopify theme. Adding one manually breaks our site.
Hi there. Thank you for your answer. What's a product loklok? You have example code?The thing is we also don't want these samples to show up as regular products in our shop. Kind of like a hidden product only visible at checkout to select customers.
Hi there, we want to offer customers with a total cart value >X $ product samples. These should not be free! The customer still has to pay for them but at a much reduced price. We want to have 1 product sample at a given time (it's a take it or leave...
I think this is really bad. I like the new feature of re-order, but I think the customer should be able to choose. Emails might not push immediately, land in spam or the customer finds another important email while waiting for the one time code, gets...
What does it really matter what shop owners blog about? It's valuable content and should either be backed up automatically when downloading a backup or have a simple export function like customer data, gift cards and so on. It can't be that difficult...
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