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Thanks for your answer! So it's another Shopify blunder where we need an app to do these things...!
You'll need to add custom CSS for each section:@media screen and (max-width: 750px;){.banner {display: none}} vary min-width / max-width depending on mobile or desktop.
Hey, it seems like the layout of merchant centre has changed and there is no option "feed rules" anymore. How to address this issue in 2024?
This code also doesn't work anymore?! It doesn't do anything to the slider, but it crashes the mobile menu and renders the burger menu button non functional. any idea why this is happening?
did you find a solution for this?
This doesn't work, despite selecting "Manually set up shipping settings" in the google and youtube app, google merchant centre still shows "Shipping settings are being handled by Shopify" and greys out all options. We disconnected and reconnected the...
Thanks, but that's exactly what no one wants! Paying extra $$$ to set up shipping rates on their paid ecommerce platform.
Hi, wanted to add GTINs to my products via Shopify App, which does not work - the app has no GTIN meta field, or at least I couldn't find it anywhere. Instead, the app has a meta field called "Google: Custom Product" with the option to select True or...
Not possible. It's Shopify's 'All or nothing' approach. The whole community has been on this for ages and it is just frustrating that an ecommerce platform has such limited options to set up shipping rates. You could offer a free shipping discount an...
Hi,I just ran our shop through another lighthouse test and our best practices score dropped significantly. Google advises us that 3rd party cookies will be blocked (1% of chrome users already have this issue and google will ramp up the block to 100% ...
Will try that! Even though our meta tags are complex product descriptions with lists and tables. Let's see how that works out...
Hi team, it seems that our shopify admin is not logging carts and checkouts properly. We've been testing this with friends who we asked to add stuff to their basket, proceed to checkout, type in their details and stop just before clicking the pay but...
This does not work. It also looks like the code injects CSS into the header section?
This adds CSS to the header section?
This is more complex than I though
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