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Hi, How are weI'm struggling bringing the Button "sunnies" on the center right in between images where I placed the black rectangle only on phone view. On computer it's well placed already. Thanks for your time and help Url: https://www.lasdunasbyron...
Hello, I'm trying to move price and text from card_information in line from Quick view. Where I draw the white line. Url: for your time and help 
Hey David, It does work but it also changes the style from the Product page. I would like to only edit the pop up without affecting the product page. 
Hello!  I'm trying to change a few things from the default (choose option) pop up.  1-Reduce Title size so it fits in one row.2- Center all the content3-Get rid of ("tax included. shipping.....") and title text.URL: https://www.lasdunasbyron.comThank...
Hello,I'm trying to figure out how to bring the quick view + button right on the bottom of the image. URL: a great day! 
Sorry I was editing it so didn't save the changes. Now should be visible.
Hello, I'm struggling on getting rid of the white border from the quick add button. Once it doesn't have border, move "Quick view +" on the bottom right of the image. And if possible make it work either in Computer and Phone.  URL: https://www.lasdun...
Hello, I'm trying either to get rid of the border or change it to black instead of white on this specific button ( quick add to cart hovering) but doesn't allow me using  .CSS. That's the Url: Thanks for your time and ...
Hey community, how is everyone goingI would like to add this bit of text on top of the image  but when I add a new section (image with text) on the page template it automatically does it to all the pages. There is any code to move the image upwards a...
Hey community, how are you doing.On mobile, the product pics on collection page show up in lower resolution but are much better on their individual product page. on desktop instead the resolution is great.Anyone knows how could I fix it.  my site:htt...
Hey community, How are you doing.I'm trying to add this card feature on top of the product image so there is no space between the product images. As You can see in the example below. this is my site URL:  www.lasdunasbyron.comThanks for your time and...
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