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As well as my Shopify site I also sell on eBay, Etsy etc. For my sales there I always include a flyer that directs people to my Shopify site, hopefully to encourage them to buy there instead of feeBay. Is there a way to include a code that is basical...
I read that from 1st Jan 2024 the HMRC (in the UK) require online selling platforms such as eBay to send all seller data to the organisation. This is a step-change from previous where they would ask for data on specific sellers. I wanted to know what...
The first failure occurred on the 15th Nov and there is a note saying they'll try again 3 days later (which would have worked as HSBC had fixed the problem by then). However there was no attempt 3 days later and there has being no attempt since then....
Shopify have been withholding payments since 15th November due to a world-wide issue that HSBC were having with some bank accounts that meant money couldn't be transferred into or out of them. This was sorted out in a day or two by HSBC but my Shopif...
Following on from some of my previous posts... I currently have the Dawn theme installed and don't like the default behavious for the product photos whereby the user clicks the image and the browser zooms in to like x5000 (or whatever). I've turned t...
Yeh I kinda figured that. As one of the more popular themes it really *should* be in there by default though. It's like a basic feature of pretty much every eCommerce site I've ever seen...
I'm having the same problem with the current version of Dawn and have a complete vanilla install. I'm guessing it's a feature that's just not in the theme.
I did actually think of a cheesy work-around. You can switch the zoom off then create variations that are all for the same product but each has a different picture. Then call the variations something like "pic 1", "pic 2" etc. This might only work fo...
I've also tried changing the option in the Default Product Page (which all my products are based on). In the Product Information section, on the right-hand side there's an Image Zoom section with two options: Open Lightbox & No Zoom. I was just watch...
I've removed the zoom feature for the product images owing to the fact the default zoom level on Dawn is set at some insane (and seemingly unchangeable) level. I found a YT tutorial and placed the following code in the section-main-product.css file: ...
Yeh it was working when assigned that way but guess it makes it prone to breaking? Anyway I don't need a template for it so just used the "default" setting for the theme and it started working again. Bit weird but glad it's fixed 
Okay I think I've got it working again. I can't be sure but I think the fact I had the Freebie collection assigned to a template called Freebies seemed to have confused it. I'm guessing you can't assign products to a collection if that collection is ...
The only thing I can think of it that a few days ago I assigned the Freebies collection to a template (in Theme Template). Now I'm not sure if a template can host products or not? If so so can they be assigned in the usual way from the product page?
Also I can't get any other product to appear in the Freebies collection either. I've tried adding products from other collections (that still appear in their original collection), that are also physical products not digital downloads, and yet they re...
On my website I have a "freebies" section in which I have 8 products set at £0 with an associated download link. The "freebies" is a collection into which I have added the products. It was all working fine for about a week but today i got a message t...
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