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Hey @made4Uo ,Amazing! It's working now.Thanks a lot!!!
Hi @made4Uo ,Sure, here's the website : https://thewoofery.co/products/the-harness-grayWe're still building it  Thanks for the help!!
Hi,Yes I kept the description block in the theme editor, but it's empty... I tried moving it as well for mobile, however, it just display 2 lines (one top and one bottom, to show a section is there, but there is no text...I have disabled sticky conte...
Hi!Thank you for the tip, it worked on desktop, however it completely deleted the description for the mobile version, do you know how I could fix it?Thanks a lot!
Hi there,I was wondering if there is any way to put the product description underneath the product image while still keeping all my collapsible content on the right? I am using Sense theme.          First picture is the curent layout, second layout i...
Thank you for the tip !
Hey Noah,Looks to be working just fine now! I really appreciate the help!! Thanks again.
Hi there!I'm running into a little issue with my layout on mobile; the website loads correctly, and the layout is fine, however, I can scroll right, and an extra space appears, it's the same colour as my background colour. Once I get to my first bann...
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