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Hii, Im trying to add social media icon and a banner about my policies and I made it, but some other codes appears in red, like something is bad.This is the code now with the things i want to appear in the email{% capture email_title %} {% if has_p...
Hola,tengo paypal como metodo de pago con tarjeta de credito/debito, pero al momento de seleccionar para pagar con tarjeta, dice que lo va a redireccionar a otra pagina, pero yo quiero que salga de una vez para poder llenar los datos de la tarjeta As...
Hey! I would like some help with my footer section in mobile version. I would like to have the accordion in the Help and Our Policies section (+), excluding the Follow us and Subscribe section, as you can see, there is no action in the (-) button. If...
Okay  Thank you anyways for trying to help
It doesnt work, with that code its like its not affecting anything  
I added this code and it works, just that the two last menus (follow us, subscribe) are not working with the code. I would like either have the code working in that two menus, or just delete the + icon so they can like that. <style> @media (max-width...
Hi Im trying to make a dropdown menu in my footer section but just in mobile version. Ive tried different codes Ive found here but it doesnt work at all My url is: yalostore.comThis is how it looks like now Hope somebody can help me 
oh okay thank you so much anyways
Dawn Theme
Hi, I would like to add a text in the products section in the checkout page like "order summary". as you can see in the picture. Is that possible with some code? Thank you in advance  
It only changed the cart size  
Hi, I would like to reduce size in the header icons hambueger, search, profile and cart.Hope somebody can help me with this. Thank you in advance  
I changed the order of my footer. Thank you anyways 
Hi, I would like to know how can I add a text above the heading "Subscribe..."  Thank you in advance
Hi, I need some help with the size of my blocks in the footer. Im using Dawn Theme. My url is I want this size for each block, dont know exactly the percentage but it should look like this  Hope you can help me
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