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@EmmanuelFlossie  To be honest, I use Printify to upload products to my Shopify store. Is it against Google poicies? If so, can I overcome it by getting customer reviews as you mentioned above or should I do something else? Different content for each...
it is already mentioned above but here it is 
Can you please check it again? If you can see my store, I am open to any suggestions.
Then you must be from India or Pakistan because I blocked visitors from these countries. If you are not from any of these countries then I should disable the country blocker.
@EmmanuelFlossie Thanks. When I read your suggestions I checked them for my store and potential problems are like:- Overall quality of my website is a relative term. Is my website quality or not? How can I understand that?- I've not made any sells so...
@Mattfemi Sorry I couldn't understand what you mean?
Hi,My Google Merchant Center account got suspended due to Misrepresentation and Broken Landing Page. First my Google Ads account got suspended then I unsuspended it and requested review for my Merchant Center cuz it was suspended too cuz of Ads accou...
@Moira Thank you. Should I remove the ad campaigns before appealing? Cuz I made some trials, I tested which campaigns, which keywords work better for a short time and stopped them but didn't remove them? Do these inactive campaigns cause suspension?
Hi,I used Google Ads for about 4 months without any problems but suddenly my account got suspended without any notifications due to Circumventing Systems Policy Violation. To be suspended due to this, I had to cheat Google but I didn't do anything li...
Hi Gina, You mentioned me here but this is not my post. Btw I did most of the things you mentioned here for my store but I couldn't get visitors.
Hi Gina,Thank you for your advice. I made the header sticky. I have only Instagram account so far but I will have others soon too. Unfortunately I had no customers so far so don't have any idea about testimonials. My other question is about my store ...
Hi,  Can you give me any feedback about my store? I only get a few click per day. I think I make a big mistake but don't have any idea. Thanks in advance.
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