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User Activity pw: sksk Is there any way to make the images not get cropped on mobile/different sized screens but also not stretch out? Slide 2 is very apparent and I'm not sure how to stop it. Thank you. sksk On all my products except 4 the font we've chosen works completely fine. But for some reason on these 4:
I appreciate the response but unfortunately it's already using that setting.
I appreciate the response, anyway you could possibly direct me to where the code would be? Thank you. The product photos are very blurry on this page but are perfect quality once you go into the product's page and look at photos. Anyway to help with this? pw: sksk  How do I make the banner on mobile not be all blurry and squished?
That definitely did help but is there anyway to not have the empty space whether it be by coding or by altering the image? pw: sksk I've noticed on smaller screens the website crops the image so not everything is showing, including the text on the bottom of the banner. Also on larger screens the image is blurry as its stretching to fit the scre... pw: sksk In every collapsible row there's a lot of blank space above and below the text and I'm wanting to reduce that.Any ideas? Thank you.
Yep that's all I needed. Changed some code earlier and misplaced a } Thank you.
Trying to add some extra pictures but when I click the thumbnails nothing happens. pw: sksk Thank you.
Thanks for the reply, I know I can change the colors there but that still doesn't apply it to that section. Other sections it would pop up on the right with options to choose a color but these specific ones have no such option. How can I change the background color on the products, contact, login and cart page sections that are currently white? Can't seem to find it anywhere on the sidebar unlike the other sections of the page. Thank you. Suddenly I have this white bar at the top, it's apart of the header, I currently the header set to be transparent but can't find a way to eliminate this white bar. Thank you. I like how search is set up on this home page but can anyone direct me to how to also have the same style of search on my other webpages? I also have white space at the top of the page on my header. Any ways to extend...
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