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Hi there,We have the following, we need to be added to the packing slip. This is for a bundle product that is on a subscription plan (so we can't use shopify bundles). We used meta objects to acheive this on site, but need help with adding to packing...
Ah! It was the '-' between each word! Thank you!
Hi @Ecommpremium The theme is Dawn 2.0 Ver 11And the store is
Hi there!I've followed this but for some reason it's not even showing in my inspect element.. Trying to get this to show up same way you have done it. 
Hi there, Our client is using Shogun for product pages and landing pages. Just wondering has anyone had issues with the button not showing? Gone through the steps it gave us, and can see that it has been applied to the 2 products we selected and mapp...
Hi there,So we have a client who has subscriptions. The customer get a discount based on the total cart value. As it's a subscription, we need to charge the same rate as with the discount for future orders they get as it's a subscription. How can we ...
Hi @Joyce19 Thanks for your message. They only do POS not online. I need to migrate from Stripe TO Shopify Payments, while not requiring customers re-enter their credit card details again for their subscriptions. Or, another clever way around it. 
So we need to do a move for a client to move over from WooCommerce to Shopify.  Now I know that obviously the credit card details don't live on the store, they are with the payment gateway. In this case, it is Stripe.  The client is very particular a...
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