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For some reason i am getting a double filter only on my DAC collection page none of the other  please see image   
Hey BudYes, no problem the link is as follows to the page in question
As you can see below my table is not being fully displayed its scrollable but there is plenty of page there to fit the whole table in any advice to expand it fully?    
Good Afternoon All  Just a quick question what is the section i need to edit to add a vendor SKU to the collection page? I believe this is the code i need to add the SKU  {% if settings.vendor_enable %}<p id="product-logistics-{{ }}" class...
Hey all   so as you can e from my image the SKU is in orange which is how i want it but im trying to work out how to change "SKU" to "P/N"  i am using the Avenue theme  website link
Hi Bud  I have recently upgraded my theme and now i cant remember where abouts we put the code to display the SKU. was it placed under the collection.loop.liquid snippet?  Kind Regards 
Hiya Thank you for your advice i managed to get it to download but it keeps downloading a htm version of the current webpage that you are on  so i have manually added each data sheet into the html of the products  not ideal but tis the only way i can...
Okay so now it is downloading but its downloading a HTM version of the webpage im on  do i need to change the .value and.url? i have left them for now 
Hi  Thank you for the updated code i will try that now   
Hi  Thank you very much for your response i have uploaded the datasheets as described but just cant quite work out were in my liquid code to paste this  main-product.liquid >> then i have found the class=button but it does not seem to accept the TAG ...
Hey All So if you look at my product page i have a download datasheet button the problem I'm having is how do i associate certain PDFs with certain products when i click this button. Kind regards    
do you mean in the CSS or in the .liquid ? 
Hi  I added this in and it has made a gap between vendor and title so its trying to show it but for some reason its just empty white space  i know im close now  Kind Regards 
Hey  I contacted them who said the would need to charge me to re write the code typical  you pay over £400 for a  theme and they want to charge you for the support  so far i have this but it has got rid of teh vendor 9Juniper) but still not displayin...
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