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I just did - please let me know, if everything went correct (I am a real newby in Shopify).  - p.s. I just realised that there is our Shopname in the top left corner of the main header (hardly visible because it is in black) - can this one be remove...
Hi, thanks for your quick responses - this is the link to my shop: https://admin.shopify.com/store/bookarooh/themes and here is the code for a collaborator request: 1357 thanks and cheersJohannes p.s. please let me know if you need anything else from...
Hi, I am using the Pianta Theme and I have the problem that I want to remove the link and collection title from the collection banner (see screenshot). I just want to have the banner with the image - the large 'FANTASY' is part of the image and shoul...
Hey,thanks a lot - I talked with my business partner and we decided for the time being that we leave the menu as it is. However, thanks anyways for your help and support and your patience 
thank you so much - how can we make this happen that you look into my settings/code? sorry again, I am really a newby here 
Hi, this advice helped partly - now the start page looks like this: so, there is still a drop down, just saying 'Einloggen' - is there a way to get rid of this as well, i.e. to get directly to the login page when the 'Login' button is pressed? thanks...
cool, thanks a lot - I am using the Pianta theme - should I send you a particular part of the CSS code? - sorry for the stupid questions, I am really a shopify beginner 
hey, thanks for the quick response - I want to get rid of the drop down menu and just have a simple button, i.e. just the login icon.
Hi everybody, I have this weird looking login button, that is actually a weird drop down menu. I got this configuration with the Pianta theme and I want to change it to a simple login button (see screenshot).  It would be great if anybody knows how t...
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