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I'm confused as to what the solution is with this?
The craziest thing about this is Shopify is rolling out all these functions that improve your sales but the one thing that would actually help (the ability to create more discounts) isn't something they are addressing. I finally found an app that all...
I see what you are saying but this is still incorrect. 15% off of $4.25 is 0.6375. Because the 7 is f and above (basic math) your amount off should be 0.64. This is a constant issue on Shopify which means as orders are moved into our offline operatin...
I have been looking through nearly every discount app available and I just wanted to make some suggestions. While the tiered thing is great just being able to give specific groups of customers an automatic discount or a discount coupon would be nice....
Same. And we have some special customers we give free shipping to on just 1 order.
I'd like to removed them from the sort so the title "An Informed Faith" comes up under I rather than A. I want to keep the sort function on the site; just like to improve it.
https://chalcedonstore.myshopify.com/collections/all As you can see the first products title start with A so they come first. And as you move through anything beginning with The is towards the end.
I am using the layout theme Expanse and was wondering if there is a way to customize the alphabetic sort to prevent titles from sorting by articles (A/The/An)? I don't want to move the articles to the end of the title after a comma in case people are...
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