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Yes, I've tried doing this for custom liquid sections but this is not that. I unsure where to find the HTML for the uploaded videos.
Hello, I've tried many suggestions from the community here and I cannot find something that works. I have two files associated with a product, one from youtube (via a link) the other is an MP4 I uploaded. What can I do ensure these videos autoplay wh...
How can I make it so that, for card payments, only debit can be used and not credit? Thank you
Changing the class from class="btn" to class="button" did it for me
This is great, thank you. How would I be able to make the button look similar to the button label for the image banner?
Hello, I have this custom liquid to loop an MP4 in the background of the free dawn theme: {%- liquid assign video_handle = 'video url' assign video_format = 'mp4' -%} <video title="title" autoplay loop muted playsinline style="inline-size: 1...
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