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Have you tried setting up a custom payment type in Shopify POS? In the Shopify POS App:Go to Settings > Payment Types (under Checkout) > Add Custom Payment Type You can name this payment type "Clover" or anything that works for you. If this payment t...
No, I'm still trying to figure out a way around it.
Hi. Shopify has an auto selection of the first variant in product pages. I am using Sense theme, and my variants are displayed as 'pills' not drop-down lists. I would like to disable the default value selection. I found codes that work for other them...
Yes, but it's been a few years. I'm also new to Shopify, so I'll need help navigating the files and where the codes are located.
Hi there, I am trying to disable the cart drawer/popup preview that is displayed every time you add an item to the cart in order not to interrupt the shopping experience. Instead of a cart preview, I want to quickly display the message "Item added to...
Thank you, Shay! That's what I was looking for.
Hello there, There's a Contact Us hyperlink at the bottom of the Thank You page that shows up after order completion.  When the customer clicks on it, it triggers "mailto:" and allows the customer to email the shop. Can I change the behavior of the l...
Thank you @Moeed That did the trick!
Hi there, I am using Sense Theme. I'd like to show a thin border around the unselected variant options in the product page. Currently, the selected option has a background color to be distinguished. But the unselected options are just floating there ...
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