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Hi all, I am using Reformation theme for my webshop and I am running into issues with my cart drawer.It does not update automatically when a product is added to the cart.It also selects the Gift Wrapping option by default for 29...
Hi, What I see in the theme customizer is this. How do you change the menu settings from there?   
I would really like if you could explain to me how to fix it because I cannot see anything wrong in the navigation links or how to fix it through the customize theme section. Thank you very much!
There is no information about a dead link in a mobile menu in the documents you linked to. The menu “Sales” works on the desktop version but not on the mobile version. Is it an issue with the code somewhere? 
Where do you update the menu in the theme customizer? Or my theme menu section?My theme is Reformation.
Dear community, One of my main navigation item does not open on the mobile version of my webshop. My webshop is and the page not opening on the mobile version is the one called "Sales". It's a dead click, which is strange b...
It worked  Thank you so much for your help and time!
Can you guide me through the steps to remove this over writing issue from inside the theme?
The correct font is the one of the title Delivery Policy and of the first lines of text. You can see on the screenshot below that the font change to a sans serif one further down (from "Prices Denmark" which corresponds to new text I typed in there t...
Hi Paul, Here is a link to the webshop, one of the policies pages (you can find them in the About section): It is password protected, and the password is: sushimonamour Thanks!
So what do we need to do in order not to affect everything but just the Policies pages? I have seen some other posts where they gave code and it worked, my issue is just that I do not have the correct name for my font as I am not the one that chose i...
Hi, For some reason, every time I update or add text on my Policies pages through Settings>Policies, the font changes (see screenshot below). The correct font is the first one with serif (I do not know the name of this font, it has been added by a de...
Worked perfect! Thank you 
Hi, It worked perfectly thank you very much! I also have a little issue with the images that appears on the right in the drop-down menus (see screenshot attached). I cannot locate the place to update/change/remove them. Could you help me? Thanks a lo...
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