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Currently I can't seem to find a field responsible for retrieving the B2B catalogs whitin the product data in the graphql admin api. This is the Graphql query I'm using. https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-graphql/unstable/objects/Product
I guess it worked. I tried removing the "gid://shopify/CompanyLocation" from string.I'll do some testing and return to mark the solution as accepted. Thanks
Hi, thanks for replying. I tried exactly like this but for some reason it's always returning 0 even having records.
When a Location is assigned to a Catalog in ShopifyThe ability to get the products associated to the Location's catalog
Hey guys, I can't access the video. Can you help me telling what you did?
@tcmleung  @AndyHung were you able to figure that out? I have the same situation here. I have a draft Order and I need to apply the discount code to it but I can't find the endpoint for that.
Hi everyone, I'm trying to generate my local schema but now I'm getting an error Field "privateMetafieldNamespaces" is not defined by type "WebhookSubscriptionInput". Did you mean "metafieldNamespaces"?I'm not sure if I should accept the error sugges...
Hi @Ujjaval , thanks for replying. I might have left out some info in my question. I'm not using the LIQUID template, I'm working on a custom store front that integrates everything via graphql api. So I'd need to get the category tree from there. Do ...
Hi,  I need to build a mega menu in the front end and would like to know if there's a way to retireve the category tree (only categories with products in it). Also, is there a way to create custom category tree?
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