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Hello, My customers can't checkout with credit cards. Please see the screenshot. As you can see the payment details section popup at checkout is not showing for most customers. Could you help me with that?  Kind Regards
Hello again, Shopify theme support helped me fix it.Thanks again for your attention to the issue.
Thanks very much for your response but I understand your CSS helps with the positioning.In my case I am happy to keep my existing price.So I need help adding a new price section above add to cart.Kindly refer to the screenshot.Thanks very much
Hello, Thanks very much for your reply I am in the inspect mode in the video recording, first in tablet then in laptop screen size. Small screens are mobile sizes.  Please note that I use a bundle app, the variants prices do update on this app in des...
The developer used the same liquid snippet (price.liquid) in 2 places in a section. He hides one in mobile view, and hides the other in desktop view. Here is how he uses the price snippet:{%- render 'price',product: product,use_variant: true,show_bad...
Hello, In mobile view, price functions properly. In desktop view, when I select variant the price doesn't change. I appreciate any help with this. Example product url:
Hello, I need help adding price next to my quantity selector. Kindly see the screenshot below as example. I appreciate any help with this. My url is  Thanks very much
thanks for your reply, I need help placing here 
Thanks I added the code in base.css but1- now there is green area between header and main content in mobile view.2- the search bar disappeared on desktop view 
 Thanks for your reply but this is the look I want to achieve
Hello, I need help moving my search bar to the left of my logo. I need this for my desktop view.  My url is I would appreciate any help, Thanks,
Hello, thanks for clarifying your last solution. I appreciate your new solution as well. I make few changes to them because they are partly working, the positions didn't work for my phoneSo I use iphone 13 pro myself, and when I use your exact css, t...
Hello I need help moving product price above product photos. I need this for mobile view and for product pages. My url is I appreciate any helpThanks very much
Hello, thanks for your answer. It helped me moving my title above product. So I accepted as solution Do you also know how to move price above product image for mobile?
Hello I need help moving product title above product images. I need this for product pages and for mobile view onlyMy url is I would appreciate any help,Thanks very much
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