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Product slider for shopify dawn theme
Product slider in shopify dawn theme free
Add a product slider in shopify free theme
Shopify might detect it as an empty container, causing it to be invisible on mobile devices. We are going to override their default css. Add below code to make it visible on mobile as well. .multicolumn-list__item--empty { display: block; }  1. Click...
Add Custom Liquid To Multicolumn
Add video ulr in multicolumn section.
Easier Solution here:
You need to warp your card element using a tag like this<a href="https://your.url"> <card el></a>
It hard to tell where, it's located without seeing the backend. Try it: hover over the element -> right click on your mouse -> inspect-> find the id or class -> open your theme file in a code editor -> search the class or id / find the template relat...
Please provide more details, is this mega menu coming from theme or you are using an app for that?
I got it what you mean by that. As you can see the product title and price goes to checkout, likewise we can send a info there.
If you don't pass this text as variant, you won't get it on cart and checkout. Here is the tricky part. That's why here you need to show the variant using JavaScript. Because it parses the variant as html.
It's a lengthy process, so it's recommended to hire a dev. As you need to deal with metafiled and liquid.
There are two options, either you can use metafiled or use an app.
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