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Could really do with findinng this out as well!!
We currently have the Infinite Scroll app Scrollify inserted into our website which works fine however, I am now trying to reduce page / site load time for mobile and this is one thing that has quite a detremental effect on load times!/js/infiniteScr...
Sorry no this wasn't just approved - This was about a week ago due to a long hard process with our Google Account manager.I will watch your video but no doubt it will help others.
HiWe had the exact same issue which continued for months (as you might see from the inital post on the thread). This has now been resolved on the Google side and was actually due to contact details and then Google themselves took responsibility. Howe...
Is there a way of removing unused javascript to help improve overall page / site load time?Am trying to optimise images but I know this will be a big factor as well. Thanks
Okay thank you will do. Do you know how other retailers would work with the minimum order qty issue then at all? Also do you have any advice/info/idea on why the linked Etsy account might have done the same as the Google one? Very strange to have hav...
Thank you for these points to look over. I've embedded Google maps into the Home page and Contact pages to show the physical location. With regards to the section you mentioned on items out of stock on the landing page - Do you mean in general or a s...
Hi Emmanuel Thank you for your reply, these points are all really helpful and I will certainly go through ticking off to make sure we aren't violating these. The website is www.bumbleliving.co.uk As you have mentioned here 1 main thing could then be ...
Hi All, After setting the store and products up and linking to Google via the Google Channel app, our Merchant Centre and Ads Account have been suspended due to "Account suspended due to policy violation: Misrepresentation" - We have tried to contact...
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