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Hey @OliviaD123  I had the chance to review your site on Google Page Speed. The score on both desktop and mobile looks great. Seems like you have already taken care of it.  
Hi @numan1889 , CSS and JS optimization can help. In particular you need to identify the root cause by running the website for performance test in PageSpeed, GTmetrix, and Pingdom, to get the idea on the possible issues on the site and based on that ...
Hi @IversenKristoff  Thanks for posting your question on Shopify community forum. So, the thing is Shopify do not have a native functionality for this but you can do it manually with some code edits. Try these steps: The first step is to create the s...
Hi @pinsonmain  Thanks for posting your requirement on Shopify discussion board. This is not a native function of Shopify so you need 3rd party help in this. The solution possible solutions for you are:Use an app that you can configure just like how ...
Hey @Mirakia_IncThanks for your response. In that code review will be required and customization will be required to made. It is possible that the the customization is coming from some other code file. If you have an active developer or agency who su...
Hello, Thanks for posting your query on Shopify discussion forum. To answer your question about pointing your subdomain with the blog hosted on IONOS wordpress site you need to edit DNS settings of your domain. You need to add a "A record" with the b...
Hi @mpatsi , this is not an out of the box functionality but you can build a solution using "Delete a customer" API. You can add the option in the customer portal and give them this control.Take a look at this - https://shopify.dev/docs/api/admin-res...
Hey @Bahbu  I would suggest you to contact Shopify support to get this straightened out and get more info on what the charges are about. There could be a possibility of backlog payment but Shopify support team can answer it and provide details. You c...
Hi @Mirakia_Inc  Try this and see if it works. Before you proceed, make sure to create a copy of the live theme and then try these.Modifying the template file directly:From your Shopify admin dashboard, go to "Online Store" and select "Themes."Find t...
I just checked a couple of Shopify Plus and general Shopify stores. It doesn't replicate for me so it appears it is happening for the entire shopify community but could be some are affected. I also do not see any incident updated by Shopify there sta...
Hey @Mirakia_Inc are you trying to add per-order functionality or want to allow customer to place orders even if the inventory is "0"?Some more information on what your goals are would help us provide better solution.Looking forward to hearing from y...
Hi @DaveHorne  Check these options with demo stores. These apps allow you to set price for each option, with combination and also allow you to add conditional logic. Since, they offer unlimited options, you can add as many as you want. 1. Custom Prod...
Hey @G2A , can you specify what specific issue you are facing?We didn't came across anything recently.
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