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Unfortunately I don't have that option. I cannot add staff because it says I am required to upgrade. Oh well, I will continue to keep getting the cha-ching sound. I solved the email issue by setting up a rule on my emails, now it is just the sound th...
Does this only happen with POS Pro? I have Lite and I don't have that option.  
Well it is now April 2024 and as far as I can see, it is still not and option
It is nuts, I can't even think of a reason why it was set up like this in the first place. 
Thank you for that. It is crazy that we have to do this just to be able to edit an order. I will give it a go. I appreciate your help. 
Hi Elias, It is now 2024 and this feature has not been updated. It is ridiculous that we still have to refund, send and invoice and have the customer purchase again. Can someone at Shopify who is working on things like pretty pictures be reassigned t...
No not yours the one posted by SheetalZadifyaI rebuilt my site yesterday afternoon. 
I used these instructions. On my practice site it worked. On my live site, it took it down.  Totally gone. I wonder if the update to Dawn made it not work. 
Hi, The store is still in draft format, it is not live. I am not going to give you my password as a privacy issue. 
Hi, This particular store is not live, it is still in draft. I can't let you know my password, surely that is a privacy issue.   
Hi, I have changed the colour of my buttons in the colour palette but for some reason it is not changing the actual button. You can see in the attached pic that I have the colour set to #027f81 but the button is grey. Can someone help please?  
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