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Then, Translate&Adapt can recognize this content and you can translate it. 
It is possible that when connecting to a dynamic source, there are other options here, but the correct one is not selected. 
Maybe you can modify the default translation file en.default.jsonThen modify the code in custom liquid<label>{{ 'general.custom_form.design_label' | t }}</label>Others are similar
The following is the idea of ​​implementation.Add keywords to the alt description of the image to divide the image into two groups. For example, male and female.Then use js to match keywords and show or hide pictures. 
I prefer to handle it this way.{% if block.settings.use_description %} {{ product.description }} {% else %} {{ block.settings.content }} {{ block.settings.page.content }} {% endif %} { "type": "checkbox", "id": "use_description", "l...
uncertain. It looks like it belongs to theme.liquid. But your theme can also render files such as style.liquid in theme.liquid, and the css code is placed in it. You need to find this.
It only uses this app 
It's easy to make it look like this.
Since you have set the width of megamenu to be the width of the first level menu. Then you shouldn't have so many columns. Can be changed to 3 columns. 
You need to find the following code and remove !important and change background to background-color 
If I understand your question correctly.You want to display expensive products and cheap products separately in product management. That can create different views. After creating a product, you can categorize the product and create a collection. For...
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