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Is there a way to do this in the code? The buttons are already the right height, but the text form is taller.  
Can I still reach you on this thread? I need some help changing the color of the space where website url is showing on mobile. I remember you were able to change this in the normal color settings when I was using a free theme. I guess it has to be ch...
Is there a way to remove the small tap area black box that flashes quickly when you press something on mobile?
Do you know if the new one page checkout page is customizable in code? I would like to make the round edges of in there sharp and remove the cart icon that takes the visitor to the cart page (not cart drawer) which I don’t want to be accessible.
Its the Proceed to checkout button, you can see it when you add an item to the cart 
Actually one more thing, removing the price from checkout button in the cart folder. Reply if you see this and I’ll remove the store password.
 On the bottom you can see the scroller that is usually only on the side
Now the site moves sideways when I reduce the side paddings. Is it because the product image is still as wide as before? How to make everything to the same padding px 
Did not affect anything on the site on mobile view. What I'd like is all the content on product page like (product name, price add to cart button) to be closer to the edges (wider) also the hamburger and cart icon on the header. Is there an easy way ...
Do I add this code right under head or under the previous code you gave me?
Thank you! Is it possible for you to solve another problem I have not found a solution for? What I would like to do is reduce the size of the paddings on the sides of everything on the whole website.
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