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Hi, I'm using the Vision Theme. Updated a product image as the main image, but it doesn't trigger this change.  Also, see some numbers under the image, maybe some code not sure why this is happening.
Done that but i'm getting this error 
Hi just realized although that worked, the code is showing at the bottom of the page.  How do i fix that? 
I don't have any of these in assets -  base.css, style.css or theme.css.
Hi,  I have done that now but both buttons are black, how can I make them separate colours, ie one white one black. 
Hi i'm using the Vision Theme store URL The issue is when I go to Theme setting - colour and try to change the button colours.  I'm having issues with changing them separately seems they are linked. For example, at the moment th...
I'm using the Vision theme and the Buy It Now button is showing up as ShopPay. I tried several things I unticked the show dynamic checkout button but then the whole buy it now button disappeared. I also tried going to settings and turning off ShopPay...
Hi, I'm using vision theme.
Hi, I want to create collapsible content for each product.  At the moment it's by default and the one I create shows up in the default theme for all the products and I can't seem to do these individually. How do I have these separately per product pa...
Hi, When scrolling on the product page to read the reviews, there is a sudden appearance of something that conceals the edges of the page on both sides.  It comes and goes, it might be a slide in the background, etc not sure.  I checked the padding s...
It worked! thanks so much!!!
 Hi, I'm having issues removing the star rating review from my product page. I'm using the Vision Theme.
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