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SOLVED! Even though <p>~{{ section.settings.navigation_menu }}~</p> was outputting the menu handle as a string, it's actually an object. Here's what I did to solve... Towards the bottom of header.liquid I found  { "type": "link_list", "id": "navi...
Thanks. I've tried that too. It just outputs nothing as soon as I assign the menu handle as a string. To troubleshoot, I tried this...{%- if customer.tags contains 'wholesale' -%} {%- assign menu = section.settings.navigation_menu -%} {%- else -%} ...
So I found this line in header.liquid:{%- assign menu = section.settings.navigation_menu -%}Originally I tried adding this below it:{%- if customer.tags contains 'wholesale' -%} {%- assign menu = "main-menu-wholesale" -%} {%- endif -%}But that gav...
My theme (Focal) is currently set to use the navigation menu "main-menu" in the header of every page. I want to replace this with "main-menu-wholesale" when a specific condition is true: customer.tags contains 'wholesale'I've tried to follow the inst...
I was hoping to use Shopify's email service. It looks like it works fine with my plan in the sense that users can sign up during checkout or I can manually add people, and I can create and send campaign email... There's just no way to invite users to...
I do not see "Section settings". I tried on Safari and Chrome on Mac. This is what the top of the page looks like:  
What options are available to allow users to signup to my email newsletter?I see that using Shopify Inbox there is a signup option, but only if the user starts a conversation. And they can signup during checkout, but what if the user isn't ready to b...
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