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@Kate_JRC can you please share the collection url so that i can give you an updated style code?
@Kate_JRC Hi Please refer to the below instructions to add variants on collection page.1- Open card-product.liquid in the Snippets directory. This file controls how products are displayed within collections.Add the following code2- where you want the...
@thatshampooshop can you please put below code into your theme file called base.css file.product:not(.product--columns) .product__media-list .product__media-item .product-media-container { width: 100%; height: 100%; --constrained-min-height: 100% ...
@Kate_JRC yes please share the store url here or reach out to me direct. Thanks
please share the exact page you are on which page you want? about, contact, ?
@jborrelly this needs to create a custom if statement in the product template called main-product. Liquid file in the theme files.
Hi@heather_1211  This needs to create a custom option for the accordion for mobile devices i suggest you to find some accordion jquery code and turn  your liquid accordingly. OR you can share the details with me to do that for you. Thanks
@jborrelly Please do not share the admin backend url please share the live preview url so that i can see 
@jborrelly can you please confirm which theme you are using? and the page url too?
@jarriej Hi,Both stores are using the same Third Party app below is the URL. I suggest you to use this one because there are multiple options that you can avail using it.Custom Product App Thanks
Hi@Joey3537  Is that resolved?
@venaceworldwideyes please do share the details.
no problem i have
Please respond.
@icesnake66please check your INBOX.
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