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Bio: We are an ecom startup trying to finish the site.

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Hi Skye-  What happens when you buy a theme that is junk and were led to believe it was something that it is not, as well, current reviews on the themes page echo's the concerns we have?  Since we are purchasing directly from the developer, could we ...
I actually I think it is pretty easy, you just need to add a custom section from the shopify section store.  They have crazy features like that, for example, my product page, i added tabs, they were similar, you can direct them anywhere.  I used the ...
This is exactly what I need it’s basically in regards to the image_banner I’ve been asking everyone for help with. I just want to consolidate the code and make so it all works and looks exactly how I want it. 1-make it where on all image_banner secti...
Trying to figure out image_banner section in Dawn 10. I got a bunch of help from a bunch of good designers/developers.  But there has been 4-5 different pieces of code added.  I’m wondering if I could pay someone to combine it so that there is less r...
Thank you, I also sent you an email.
Yes, it helped the one multi column, but not the other (section right below)  
I missed one of the brackets at the end, but nonetheless, this is what it did. I think it made it lower?    
Thank you, but when I put in the code the attached happened?  
I added some code to my store to make the banners look better on mobile devices, but I did not notice what happened to my multicolumn section. The margin went super crazy and looks really bad now, is there a way to fix this, easily? Desktop view is p...
Sir, I just noticed after making the banner changes, this happened to my multi column content.  How can I get it back under the image?  
I am trying to get H1, H2 and the button higher on the page.  I want it to be the same on all my image_banner sections, since we use the same image size for all banners in the section.  Is there a way to do this without messing with the desktop text?...
I am trying to have the same setting for every image_banner section, since they will all be the same size and layout, so is there a way to make the changes automatic in every image_banner section I have on my site?
The code I changed in the section image_banner won’t effect that section anytime I use it?  How would I implement what we just did with home page to the other banners I have on the site (other pages). 
I tried this, and it looks better but the button is not moving.   
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