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I just came up with a solution for my needs, that may be helpful to you. 1. Inside the email template for activating customers you need to redirect the customer to your app/site and make sure you are using the ?activation_url=param. See this link for...
I am having the same issue. The liquid references do not even show that the activate URL attribute exists. I tried to use the JSON filter but it's not allowed in the email template 沈. I get the token when the link is clicked from the URL but that is ...
Has anyone made progress with this question? Since I am providing a free trial and certain stores have less volume than others, how can I ensure that the App still functions as expected when the trial ends? 
I am having the same problem. I found this: it returns a simple boolean if one of the list of tags is in the customer tags. Whereas the other return...
Online sales channel should host your themes. Inside the page with all the themes you have implemented select the theme you wish to apply this to and select edit code. To the left will have a tab of folders, one of which is called layout. Inside that...
The documentation was a bit unhelpful on my end as well but try using this instead. It worked for me:use this middleware instead:  express.raw({ type: 'application/json' })  The actual function to get the header and check is as follows:  const hmacHe...
I received this as well (see the picture below). To my understanding July 1st any (publically distributed) app not following the customer protection guidelines (assuming approved) will be unlisted. Similarly, there are a few attributes from the order...
Yea, based on the documentation suggestions creating an extension appears to be the best solution to "cleanly"/safely inject tags based on 2.0 themes. be sure to read up on the app-building documentation here:
Is this a Shopify app? Either way, be sure to have the proper scopes inside your custom app or root .toml file. If you changed the scopes during the process uninstall and reinstall to get access via the oAuth process. I know it sounds silly to mentio...
Go to the theme > Edit Code > and in the Layout folder find the theme.liquid file to add code SIMILAR to this: setTimeout(function() { var navmenuLinks = document.querySelectorAll('span.filters__name'); navmenuLinks.forEach(function(link) { ...
Assuming you meant "other stores" as in data from merchant stores you don't own, then you should consider the oAuth process for Shopify Apps. This is a slightly more complex solution, however, this will ensure you are following the Shopify policy for...
in your theme.liquid file you can create a simple function and fetch the filters via a document object with classes. You do a query through all the filters__name classes and dynamically check the inner HTML text against "Santa Clara, CA" and force ch...
Have you checked ut the reporting API?
Hello Team,I have encountered some issues with my Shopify app and would appreciate some assistance from the community. Here are the details:I'm trying to extract all order data using the "read_all_orders" scope with my public app. However, when query...
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