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Thanks a lot my friend! Worked great 
Hello everyone, Ive done multiple searches and applied the codes marked as "accepted solutions" with zero results. I've also asked a similar question on forum without any help either. So I'm hoping someone can finally provide some assistance! I have ...
Hello! I have used the code for the transparent header with great results. However I would like the header to change to a solid color black when scrolling down. Is that possible? Thanks!
It has been disabled. Thanks!
Hello everyone, I've searched and applied the "accepted solutions" to this issue with zero luck and am hoping someone can help me out. Despite having png images with transparent backgrounds, I still continue to get a black background showing up behin...
Hi @Cedcommerce thanks for replying. The password is tiewer. Looking forward to hearing back from you!
It actually doesn't even need to be full width, Just the width of the "featured products" at least.
@timHey Tim, here ya go. Thanks!
Thanks Tim, I tried inputting the code but no luck. Here is a link to the page You can see iframe underneath the image banner. The site isnt live so not sure if you can view it. Let me know. Thanks a lot!
Hello all, I am curious if someone can guide me on how I can set an iframe to full page width? When I adjust the width of the iframe manually it only extends to the right, but not the left of the screen. I don't want any padding on either side, just ...
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