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hi guys, can someone help to increase the height of header in mobile view only. as in screenshot below. logo is looking very tight on top and bottom margin... in desktop view its ok but in mobile it is not great. is there anyway to  creat a gap betwe...
i just set that up for you. only for few minutes. have a look please.
hi mate, it doesnt matter what image i am using, it is always blurry in real mobile phone. but when you check in shopify editor its good in both (desktop and mobile). i used others images but all are the same, blurry in my phone, even in my other pho...
image i am using - .jpg format - 1200X675 pixels - 72 resolution.  Problem is - image is good on my desktop but not in my mobile phone, not even in other mobile phones.  You are checking image in Shopify Desktop View and Shopify Mobile View, which is...
thanks for the reply but having the same issue with background image. In real phone(mobile view) image is blurry. please see screenshot.  
hi guys can you please help me in this.1> As in screen shot provided - 'rich text' with 2 'seperate headings'. i want to reduced gap in between headings.2> Also, i want to add background image in rich text. I tried to add background image before, whi...
Hi,Can someone help me - how can i be sure that there is BUGS or NO BUG in my website? The reason i am asking this cause in last few weeks i am getting FB messages from advertising peoples that there is a bug in my website which causing bad performan...
please reply, where exactly i should use above code. because it's a link of page created. thanks
hi guys, i am having issue with table size, it is too wide in mobile view screen. but desktop view as well as product page size guide table is good.only in - size guide option in footer where table is too wide. how can fix this? any help.url- deshoes...
sorry mate but now mobile view is all black, as below screenshot. thanks for help. 
thanks but, it is dividing image into 2 parts. please check screen shot below. 
hi guys, by the help from you guys i am able to add rich text background image, which is working great except in my mobile phone, and must be others mobile phones too.please see screenshot provided. Background image is good/clear in desktop and Shopi...
sorry mate, not working, but also a friend above helped me and his code is working fine, but not in real mobile view. in real (my) mobile view image is blurry.  can you help me that. please see above reply to understand well. thanks for the help. 
hi mate, just got another issue here. in desktop view image is good, in shopify mobile view image is good, but when i see in real mobile view, image is very not clear. whats wrong here. please see screen shot. thanks 
perfect but how to add background image in it? please help
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