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No, no es posible hacerlo por ftp. Shopify no tiene o no ofrece este acceso. Solo puede consumir su API.
Hello,Please show me what you mean.
You must edit section-image-banner.css on line 71.
Hola, ¿Cuál es el link de tu tienda?
Hello,Please edit the code and look for line 71. Then replace min-height: 28rem; with this: height: 13rem;
Hola, Tienes que editar el código, agregar una nueva plantilla y escoger robot.txt. Luego agregas aquí los datos que desees.  Un saludo.
Hola, ¿Podrías compartir el código completo de "adv-site-nav.liquid"? Un saludo.
Sí, sí es posible a través de la API de Shopify consumir los datos de inventario. Mira este link. 
Hola, ¿Tienes el link de tu tienda?  
 Hello,Does anyone know the “name” I should use to create a form to fill the data in the checkout automatically? I mean, for contacts we use name=“contact[email]” and the id=“ContactForm-email” but it was a form for an order? I know it is possible be...
It may be a better way out, yes. I will try it this way.
Do you know how to fix this code?In this code I am trying to show 1 image 1 modal in a product that I specify but when I add another block and another block to show another image and another modal totally different in another product that creates a l...
That is, I want to show again the products that are inside the cart. Something like this...
In the checkout how can I show again the products that are inside in the checkout with API or with code? I have had Shopify Plus.  
Hello Ocastx.I could realize that the "Network access" step is important, otherwise it would not work.It is possible to use React to bring an external API to the Shopify checkout.And very good idea to do it as much as possible with metafields. It is ...
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