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Thanks for your suggestions. We have already uploaded images in high resolution and high quality but it didn't work. The quality is still very poor. Thanks for your advice anyway. 
Hello everyone,  We are currently using DAWN. It seems that our product images  (desktop layout is two columns)  always look blurry on desktop. The display resolution has visibly been reduced by Shopify since we upload only high quality / resolution ...
That works. Thank you so much!
Hello, we are currently using DAWN. The product images on mobile devices are way too small. It seems that the image is restrained too much on product pages.  The screenshot on the left is how our current product page looks like. However, we would rea...
Hi Moeed, It has worked perfectly. Thanks so much! 
Hello, I am currently using Dawn. I would like to make just the heading of the collapsible row bold. Is there a way to do at all? I did some research but most of them are about making the text content bold which I don't need at this stage. Many thank...
The URL is www.sourfigs.com Thank you!
Hello, I am currently use Dawn. This theme seems to always compress the images I uploaded so they look much less sharp and crispy than they should be.  Is there a way to have the product images displayed at their original resolution and quality? Than...
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