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Hi Liam, thanks for the reply. I appreciate you asking around would be nice if there is an alternative as this was quite key for our app once the cart validation API gets released Thanks
Hey,  Earlier this year, I set up a GraphQL request, and there was this endpoint called 'checkoutInstalledServerExtensions' in the unstable section. It was handy for checking the Shopify functions installed in stores. Everything was working fine, but...
Hi, no I was not able to make this work with my old app but I am hoping that when it releases fully it will fix itself
Hi Liam, So yeah as mentioned above when I deploy this extension to a newer app it works as expected and the checkout rules appear. But on older apps the checkout rules section does not appear when deploying the extension to that app Thanks 
Hi there,I have a checkout extensibility preview store and an app installed that includes cart and checkout validation extensions. However, upon installing the app, the "Checkout rules" section is missing from my store. I tried accessing the "Checkou...
Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. There were no other changes made except to the main.rs, test.rs, input.graphql and cargo.toml.Good thing is that it is not working for some reason. not sure why. at the time I did check the dev console and there was...
Hi, I have been creating a shopify function for the cart checkout validation and it was working fine I added it to my store and had it working. I then deleted it to check something and then tried to add the rule once again. After trying to add it I c...
Hi Liam - Thanks for the reply, yes my store does have the checkout extensibility developer preview enabled and my CLI is logged into this store. The problem appears to be with the shopify function in main.rs and that the `wasm-opt` failed to execute...
Hi so I am following the steps here: https://shopify.dev/docs/apps/checkout/validation/server-side I am using the Rust setup steps and I am on step 1.8 after I copied the Rust code and now I am trying to deploy my app and I am expecting: 'A message f...
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